Introducing Booktuber Courtagonist


There is a community that I belong to on YouTube called BookTube and it is phenomenal. BookTube is a community of people who are lovers of all things book related. The awesome thing is there are booktubers of every fashion, culture, and nationality. The community discusses every genre, events, authors, book reviews, book haul, book unhaul, and so much more. It is an amazing community and you can get so much information.

I would like to take a moment and introduce you to one of my favorite Booktubers. Her name is Courtney, but you will come to know her as Courtagonist. She joined BookTube in June of 2017 and her channel is based on cozy mysteries. Every now and then she will discuss something non-cozy, but her channel is mainly cozy mysteries. Cozy mysteries are stories that feature small towns, amateur sleuths, the sex and violence is very downplayed, and they just simply awesome reads for everyone. Cozy Mysteries are one of my favorites.

Courtney’s channel caught my eye because of her upbeat, awesome, and bubbly personality. I will warn you know that her love, enthusiasm, and excitement for books and reading is infectious o be ready to smile ALOT! You cannot watch her video and not get inspired and excited about her selection of books. I have to keep my wallet in the other room when I watch her video she’s that infectious. A group of people somewhere get to be blessed by her literally because she works ion the profession of education and I don’t know who they are but to interact with her on a daily basis has to be awesome!

Courtney and Angela (you will meet later) hold monthly discussions on cozy mysteries that were chosen as the monthly read. We just finished discussing A Dark and Stormy Murder by Julia Buckley. It was a fantastic read and the way Courtney was able to decipher the book and point out things that would be missed by the average reader is incredible. She actually makes you feel like you were there in the small town and observing the events with the characters. I really want you to experience Courtagonist and her love for reading. Check her out at :

She is truly amazing and I bet you will walk away feeling the same.


One thought on “Introducing Booktuber Courtagonist

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    What a wonderful article to read. Thank you so much for wanting to share the Cozy love! I have enjoyed getting to know you and meet you virtually!!! ❤️❤️❤️


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